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Pregnancy and Delivery

Guaranteed the best
for you and your newborn baby!

Owing to the experience we have gained over the many years, we know:

When it comes to pregnancy and delivery your protection and wellbeing are essential. Especially in this time, there is nothing more important than your health – and of course the health of your newborn.

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Did you know …

… that during the preliminary stages, many expectant mothers have no idea how cost intensive can be a pregnancy and delivery according to ones own wishes?

The settlements of the past 12 months have demonstrated that in private hospitals the costs in relation to pregnancy illness, pregnancy complications and the delivery itself, range from € 4,478 to € 18,959. The average hospital costs amount to € 8,000.


Even if you are already pregnant!

Is it possible to take out private health insurance when you are already pregnant? Well of course it is possible. And above all, you get the best terms available on the market. Immediate coverage and no additional costs! We will find the optimal health insurance for you.

Your benefits at a glance

Consult the doctor of your choice, organise the delivery in a private hospital of your choice, and don't worry about the costs. They will be covered by your private health insurance.

  • Even more security:
    Insurance guarantee for existing pregnancy!

    Up to 5 months before the expected date of birth.
  • Free choice of doctor and private hospital
  • Midwife of your choice
    During delivery incl. pre- & aftercare up to 421 €
  • Cost coverage guarantee for 100% security
  • Quick appointments
  • Single or double room in a comfortable hotel-like atmosphere

Your benefits at a glance


Woman, partner & baby

First class care in the case of hospitalisation

Double room with deductible and Europe-wide guarantee, no waiting periods, no extra costs

Deductible of 1,413 € per calendar year
(deductible of 471 € per calendar year for children)

No deductible in case of pregnancy/delivery
+ accidents + defined severe diseases
+ 1 voucher / person for 1 free annual deductible

Choice midwife

On delivery incl. pre- & aftercare up to 421 €

Single room


Private doctor & alternative medicine

up to 11,667 € per person and per calendar year, up to 233 € per ordination


Minimum contract period

3 years


Anna S., 32 years of age, insured with WGKK,
3rd month into pregnancy
insured together with her partner,
30 years of age, insured with SVA

Monthly premium

70,59 €Anna S.
67,64 €partner
21,22 € baby

159,45 € Total

Private Delivery in Vienna

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